Q:  Do you work with non-monogamous couples?

A:  Of course!  I work with couples who are already practicing non-monogamy, as well as couples who are interested in opening up.  I also work with couples who are closing it back again.  I work with both consensual non-monogamy and unconsensual non-monogamy which brought up hurt and betrayal and yet the couple want to reconnect and rebuild trust. 

I was a presenter at Desire, the Lifestyle resort in Mexico for several years and had the privilege to work with couples in the Lifestyle very up close and personal.  

Q:  Do you only see couples?

A:  Although I specialize in couple's therapy, I also LOVE working with individuals.  Sometimes, I see more than 2 people when there are more people involved in the relationship.

Q:  I have a problem with my penis.  Can I show it to you?

A:  No.  We can talk about your penis in all the graphic details if you would like, but our sessions will not include any nudity or touching.

Q:  How much do you charge?

A:  My current fee is $200 per hour.  Most couples choose a longer session such as 80 or 90 minute sessions.  For any longer sessions, the rate will be prorated. 

Q:  Do you work with kinky people?
​A:  Of course!

Q:  Do you work with LGBTQ+ clients?

A:  Of course!!  The only limitation is I only work with adults.  If you are a trans youth or a parent of a trans youth who is looking for a therapist, I can refer you a good person.

Sex Therapy

Couple's Counseling

MFT #108759

Q:  What are your credentials?

A:  I started out as a school psychologist (Master's in Special Education, credential in PPS in school psychology), then got a doctorate in human sexuality and got board certified as a sexologist before getting another Master's in counseling and license in marriage and family therapy.  Besides my educational background, I have extensive experience in sexuality field and working with individuals and couples for over 10 years in clinical settings.  

Q:  What are your hours?  Do you work on weekends?

A:  My hours are everyday except Sunday 8am-8pm.  So yes, I do work on weekends, but only on Saturdays. 

Q:  I don't live in San Diego.  Do you offer remote sessions?

A:  Yes.  If you live in the state of California, I can offer remote sessions via FaceTime, Google Hangout, Skype, etc.  I prefer to see my client's face because there is so much that can be said in the facial expressions and body language, but some clients choose phone sessions.  I have to warn you that even though I will be in a secure area, your confidentiality might be compromised due to the nature of technology.  Some of my clients choose to do remote sessions even though they live in San Diego due to their schedule and ease of access.  We can discuss what works the best for you!

Q:  Do you take insurance?

A:  I do not currently take insurance.  However, I do take Health Savings Plans.  

Q:  Do you have a sliding scale?

A:  YES!  I maintain good portion of my practice for my sliding scale clients.  Full time students and those who are experiencing financial challenges can quality for the sliding scale.  At times, sliding scale openings are full.  Please contact me to see if I have an available sliding scale spot or to be put on a waiting list.