Blow Him Away!

This is our most popular workshop! Make it from good to great, from boring to unforgettable with a few easy tricks. 

Women Only unless it's a private party.

Your Secret Private Class

What would you like to learn?  Contact us and let's create a class that your friends will be thanking you for years to come.  It can be on a particular topic or as casual as Q&A evening with your favorite friends.

All About Anal Sex

Want to try it?  Have tried it but with pain? Just want to learn more about backdoor pleasures?  Whatever your needs, this class is sure to enlighten you to a much more pleasurable rosebud play.

Amazing World of Female O

This class is for women and those who love women.  Learn all about anatomy, physiology, sexual response cycle, and techniques to make that O even better!

Classes & Parties

Any of the following classes can be taught privately at my office or with your friends in the privacy of your own home or location of your choosing.  Other custom classes can be offered to suit your unique needs.   Contact us today to see what we can co-create!


Sex Therapy

Couple's Counseling

MFT #108759

BDSM 101

Learn the ways to spice up your bedroom scene with some kinky sex while keeping it safe, sane and consensual.  Learning to tie each other up is just the beginning ;)

Bachelorette Party, Girls Night Out, Couple's night and more!

                                       Whatever the reason, gather up your friends and learn something

immediately applicable while having tons of fun together!


Workshop as you like it.

Are you looking for a fun idea for Bachelorette Party?  Adult birthday party?  Newly single?  Or whatever the occasion calls for... These workshops can be tons of fun as well as inspiring with long-term benefits!

Come alone or as a couple for a private workshop or gather up your friends and host a party!  Most couples find Female O class to be the most beneficial whereas female only groups such as Bachelorette Parties tend to choose Blow Him Away or Blow Him Away and Lap Dancing Combo Workshops.  Contact us today to see what suits your needs the best! Let's have tons of fun together while learning great skills!